How To Install Panasonic Bathroom Fans

It is important that every bathroom that is in your home has a fan inside of it. This is what will help to keep it ventilated and remove any odor and moisture. Trying to install a new bathroom fan or even replacing it might seem like a huge job – but it is in fact very easy. Rather then spending hundreds of dollars on hiring a contractor why not do it yourself?

  • It is important that you turn off all power to the fixture you are working on before you do anything. When you have done this you will now be able to remove the existing light fixture or fan without the fear of electrocuting yourself.
  • Use the template that you have for the housing of the fan and trace the outline of it onto the wall or ceiling using a pencil. This will help you to know exactly where it will be going and how big the opening will be. This step is only used when installing new fans or when you are replacing the fan with something slightly larger than the old model.
  • Use whatever tool you are comfortable with to cut the portion of the wall out for the opening of the fan. This cut must be clean and accurate in order to improve the insulation.
  • Connect the proper ductwork to the housing of the fan and into the wall. After this is done you will be able to attach the housing to the hole in the wall using the fasteners that came with the Panasonic fan kit that you bought.
  • Use whatever supplies your fan kit came with to cover the fan or purchase a bathroom grill fan to go over it.
  • Now that you have installed everything it is time to turn the power back on and test it out. It should be working properly and silently. If you notice any problems try to call the manufacturer or an electrician.