What To Look For In A Bathroom Fan

Bathroom fans are essential in any home to help control the amount of moisture that is released and to prevent mold and mildew from growing. When you use the wrong type of fan you are using something that is not doing its job or that is consuming large amounts of energy in the process.

There are several things that you should consider when trying to find the right type of bathroom fan. The first is the type of power that it has. Each model has a rating for the exhaust capacity that it is built with – which is measured in liters per second or cubic feet per minute.

The standard fan should have a rating of 25 L/s and a sound rating og 0.5 sones and consumer less then twenty watts. You have to remember that the larger the bathroom is the larger the fan should be. Before you go to purchase the fan measure the square footage of the bathroom.

Many of us will choose a fan that is said to be energy efficient – but this is not the only part we should be looking at. The ducting that the fan will use is very important and may affect how it performs. If it is droopy, not the proper size, or does not have the right insulation it will cause the fan to be ineffective and to reduce the airflow. You can test your current bathroom fan by placing a piece of tissue in front of the grill. The air should be able to pull the tissue tight against the grill.

The majority of bathroom fans are connected to the control switch in the bathroom – which will operate both the fan and the ceiling light. The only problem with this is that we do not always need to use the fan and can waste a great deal of energy. Try to connect the power to a separate light switch or to connect it to a timer or to use a motion or humidity sensor. These features will cost extra – but they will help to keep your bathroom clean and to reduce the amount of energy used.